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Remote Emergency Prescriptions And Video Consultations

We all know toothache can be one of the worst pains that someone can suffer from and it can be very debilitating. And, to make the matters worse, we are living in a period of uncertainty, while battling an invisible enemy, the COVID-19. The government has just announced the country needs to go on lockdown, with the citizens either self-isolating or in quarantine, which creates the social barrier – absolutely necessary to slow the cases down, so our lives can go back to normal as soon as possible.

We are bringing to you a Dental Emergency on a remote basis, where your dental pain or infection can be assessed by a Dentist and a prescription of antibiotics or pain relief medicines can be sent straight to your preferred Pharmacy/Chemist, so it will either be delivered to your front door or collected by someone helping you.

Please contact us via our Facebook page or, alternatively, phone or WhatsApp us  07946689028.


Consultation and advice (via telephone or video call) £60

Then, if clinically applicable

Prescription: £35 

Until the end of May 2020 we are only charging the £60 consultation fee.


Book a video consultation if you are experiencing toothache or dental abscesses.
Dental prescriptions of antibiotics or pain relief medicines sent to your local pharmacy

Once your remote consultation and/or prescription has been booked, please pay for your service above.
We will then confirm your appointment.

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