During these difficult times we are facing, with the COVID-19 pandemic and living in lockdown, it is always worth mentioning that this virus is present in the saliva, and what people don’t realise is that a toothbrush might help spreading the infection within your home, if not well disinfected after tooth brushing. Rinsing it off only with cold water won’t reduce the amount of virus that might still be present in your toothbrush. If you are experiencing the coronavirus symptoms, you should use hot water and salt or a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide 0.1%, for up to 5 minutes. In addition, you should replace your toothbrush every 7 days, if you are experiencing symptoms.

Keep your toothbrush separately from the other members of your family and avoid sharing the same base of your electric toothbrush with others, as it might become a reservoir of viruses.

In normal practice, we usually recommend the patients to replace their toothbrushes when you look from behind the toothbrush head and you are able to see the bristles sticking out.

Keep safe and I will work hard to bring you some dental tips during this crazy time…

Alex Lass