Once the video-consultation takes place, the dental team will assess each case on its own merit and, if still required, the treating dentist will carry out another video-consultation, to explain the nature of the procedure, to clarify any questions and to reassure any concerns that the patient might still have, before the face-to-face appointment. This video-consultation will be part of the clinical treatment, continuing with the face-to-face appointment. It will also be helpful for any follow-up and review appointments after the dental procedure.

The reception will make sure social distancing principles are maintained, by keeping the patient safe and isolated from other patients in the waiting areas, until the patient is escorted to the treating room. To reduce the viral load in the saliva, the literature advises a mouthrinse based on Hydrogen Peroxide (Peroxyl/Colgate), which will be given to the patient prior to the dental treatment, as long as no allergies to the mouthwash ingredients.