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Welcome to my BLOG corner, where you can find some information and tips to look after your most precious and effective personal card: your SMILE !!! Kindest regards, Alex Lass

Dr Super Smile Dentist is led by Dr Alex Lass. Alex originally graduated in Brazil in 1994, before going to the UK and qualifying through the International Qualifying Examination (IQE) in 2008. Since then he has practised in Brighton and Horam. Alex joined the prestigious team at Harbour Orthodontic Centre in 2013 before developing the Dr Super Smile Dentist brand.

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The Environmental Impact of Plastic Toothbrushes and the Rise of Wooden Alternatives

Plastic toothbrushes contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Wooden toothbrushes, particularly bamboo ones, are sustainable, biodegradable alternatives. Transitioning ...  more  

Protecting Your Oral Health: How to Prevent Oral Cancer and Spot Potential Red Flags

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The Importance of Interdental Cleaning for Maintaining Healthy Gums

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Teeth whitening and confidence: Impact of teeth whitening on confidence.

There is no denying that having white teeth can impact your confidence levels. After all, when you have a bright, white smile, you feel more attractive and more confident. And when...  more  

Composite bonding to repair damaged teeth and improve your Smile.

It is no secret that dental damage can occur from a variety of causes, such as decay, trauma, and wear and tear. While these issues can be disheartening, there is a way to repair d...  more  

Dental appointments and social distancing

This article is the 3rd part of the outline of Dentistry post-lockdown.  more  

Tele Dentistry is here to stay...

The first major change in Dentistry is the use of technology via video-calls to provide consultations and advice and to triage cases that will require urgent dental treatment.  more  

The future of Dentistry post-lockdown.

A series of articles to explain some of the changes that are happening to Dentistry, during the covid-19 pandemic.  more  

How to prevent dental decay and still enjoy your treats sensibly...

Understanding the dental decay process and what can be done to help nature.  more  

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